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    Importance of Packaging in Pharmaceutical Industry

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    Importance of packaging in the Pharmaceutical industry

    Packaging is considered to be extremely important for each and every organisation, no matter what industry it belongs to. Then whether it is a pharmaceutical industry or a retail one, packaging is important for every industry. Packaging could be defined as an element that surrounds the products right from the production stage to the final stage.

    There’re some important but different specifications that are attached with every drug. The packaging as well as labelling are considered to be very important as these stages include a number of health benefits. Labelling as well as packaging are the important requisites for the pharmacy company. Quality of packaging is very good as it helps in maintaining the quality of the drug.

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    Significance of Packaging in Pharmaceutical Industry

    1. It helps in protecting as well as maintaining the quality of the drugs

    2. It helps in protecting against the biological as well as physical damage to the products

    3. It also carries the correct information as well as code of identification for the product

    4. It helps in protecting against the damages which might be caused because of the external influences which might alter the product

    Role and Significance of Packaging in Pharmacy Industry

    1. Managing and containing the product

    2. Protecting against moisture, light, mechanical as well as biological damages

    Material Characteristics

    1. It should help in maintaining the physical qualities of all the dosages and should also protect against the damages as well as breakage

    2. It helps in maintaining identity of the product

    3. It helps in maintaining the characteristic properties

    4. It does not let the product deteriorate in terms of its physical, biological as well as chemical entities

    The criteria for the selection of the packaging material

    1. Requirement for moisture barrier

    2. Requirement for light barriers

    3. Requirement for gas barrier

    3. Requirement for chemical

    In the pharmacy industry, packaging is important as it helps in protecting from biological, physical as well as chemical damages. It’s an effective mode of transferring details about the product to the customers. Packaging is the choice of the customers always. Packaging is important for pharmaceutical industry and is also sensitive to the outside elements of light and moisture.

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